aim high in creation!

Australia | 2013 | Anna Broinowski | 96 minutes (subtitles)

Session includes Q&A with filmmaker Anna Broinowski


A revolutionary film about  the cinematic genius of North Korea’s late Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il, with a groundbreaking experiment at its heart: a propaganda film, made according to the rules of his Manifesto The Cinema and Directing.

Determined to stop a new gas mine near her Sydney home, director Anna Broinowski goes to North Korea to learn from the masters of propaganda cinema. In a worldwide first, Pyongyang’s top directors, composers and movie stars take her to script rehearsals, Taekwondo stunt fights, group dances, drunken picnics, and a film shoot on a real-life captured US spy ship to teach her Kim Jong Il’s techniques.

Back in Sydney Anna’s fearless cast follow the North Koreans’ instructions to produce a didactic socialist melodrama, full of song and kick-ass fights, in which “heroic workers” rise up to defeat the “evil, gas-fracking miners.”