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Billy Dahlenburg | 11 mins

Screening with - Reluctant Radical
Friday 12 October 2018, 6.15pm, ACMI

While duck rescue in rural Victoria occupies much of his time now, Tony Murphy has a long history of protest in Melbourne and beyond. Often drawing the ire of both police and the media, Tony continues to dedicate his time to a range of social and environmental causes.

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The junkyard

Roxanne Halley, Ash Jones, Clancy Walker | 7 mins

Screening with:
The Devil We Know - Sat 13 Oct, 2.15pm
Welcome to Sodom - Sat 13 Oct, 8.30pm

Choosing to work as a high-school janitor over tending to the family farm, Mark is a man who marches to the beat of his own drum. When he learns about space-junk orbiting the Earth with the potential to destroy all human progress, he sees his unique opportunity to put good into the world.

Photo 6 Bee_SharpSTILL_Queen_laying.jpg

Bee-sharp honeybee

Deacon Warner | Australia/USA | 19 mins

Screening with - The Milk System
Saturday 13 October 2018, 5.00pm, ACMI

An Australian composer on a six-week visit to Minnesota collaborates with musicians, scientists, beekeepers and animators to create an original multimedia string quartet composition based on audio recordings of honeybees.

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camera trap

Marty O'Brien | Australia/Canada | 25 mins

Screening with - The Ancient Woods
Sunday 14 October 2018, 2.15pm, ACMI

In this short documentary, an aspiring wilderness photographer puts everything on the line in his quest to capture one photo which will help tell the story of the greatest land migration on Earth.


courage for the long haul

Rani Brown | 14 mins

Screening with - Dark Eden
Sunday 14 October 2018, 5.00pm, ACMI

Community movements unite beyond political affiliation to help protect our life support systems on Earth. Two women talk about their roles within a movement of untold thousands, sharing insights into what sustains them for the long haul against global corporations, and the governments which are doing their bidding.

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Eve Byers | 6 mins

Screening with - As Worlds Divide
Sunday 14 October 2018, 8.00pm, ACMI

Beeing Kept is an evolving story about a beekeeper and her unique and spiritual approach to natural beekeeping. By exploring alternative ideologies, the film questions whether we can create a lasting symbiosis between humans and bees for a mutually beneficial relationship.

DAREBIN'S NATURAL HERITAGE.00_01_23_14.Still002.jpg

Darebin's Natural Heritage

Lee Ramsayer-Bache, Nicholas Scott | 12 mins

Screening with:
The Experimental City - Tues 16 Oct, 6.15pm
Bird of Prey - Fri 19 Oct, 6.30pm

Celebrate Darebin’s precious natural heritage, as this beautiful film showcases some of the area’s most significant natural heritage sites.


Water Is Life

Cam Suttie | 26 mins

Screening with - The Panguna Syndrome
Tuesday 16 October 2018, 9.00pm, ACMI

Water is Life is a documentary about the Aboriginal communities fighting against fracking plans in the Northern Territory. They learn from First Nations brothers and sisters in the United States who are suffering the effects of greedy gas companies, and call on you to join their fight.

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Rusty Swordfish

Jarrod Boord | 10 mins

Screening with - Living the Change
Wednesday 17 October 2018, 6.45pm, Westgarth

Plastics are evolving like never before seen in our oceans. Come along on a beach comb with our all-Aussie educator Rusty Swordfish. You might be surprised at what you find.

Photo 3 Albatross_Island_Still_001.jpg

Namanu Rruni – Albatross Island

Matthew Newton | 14 mins

Screening with - Stella Polaris Ulloriarsuaq
Thursday 18 October 2018, 6.45pm. Westgarth

The island was not always here. And then it was. They called it namanu rruni, the ones who came, on rare calm days, to hunt. They called it Albatross Island, the ones who came, in all weathers, to take all that they could.

Please note: The Last Wild was scheduled to screen before When Lambs Become Lions on Friday 12 October. Due to technical difficulties, The Last Wild will no longer screen prior to this film.