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Every feature at EFFA this year will be preluded by an Australian short. 

Junk Food

Screening Before: Carnage

Fast, convenient, seductive...and total trash. Food porn where everything is made out of disposed plastic.

Director : Angus Ware
Duration: 2 mins
Date: 2017

No Pain, No Train

Screening Before: Let There Be Light

Melbourne’s outer east is still waiting for their ride into town nearly five decades after the Rowville Rail was first proposed.

Director: Shing Hei Ho
Duration: 10 mins
Date: 2017

Lake Victoria: An Ecosystem in Turmoil

Screening Before: The Swirl

Lake Victoria: An Ecosystem in Turmoil explores how the environmental degradation of Lake Victoria is affecting the people and communities who call the lake and basin their home.

Director: Benj Binks
Duration: 10 mins
Language: English, Ganda, Soga, Swahili with English subtitles
Date: 2017


Screening Before: Wild Plants

Would learning that plants possess consciousness, sentience, and memory change the way we interact with the world around us?

Director: Georgia Quinn
Duration: 7 mins
Date: 2016

Rangers Past and Present

Screening Before: Connection to Country

Work as a ranger in the Australian outback is harsh, your office is an endless expanses of rural land, where everyday you’ve got to protect local endangered species, fend off the myriad of invasive species and worry about a dangerously dwindling groundwater supply.

Director: Chris Fitzpatrick
Duration: 5 mins
Date: 2016

Lost Paradise

Screening Before: Drokpa

A visual meditation on the decay of Israel's famous Dead Sea after years of human negligence. The stark cinematography yields a poetic documentary on decay, landscape and beauty not soon forgotten by the viewer.

Director: Alice Stephens
Duration: 5 mins
Date: 2016

Person of the Forest

Screening Before: The Borneo Case

You will be transported to the depths of the Bornean jungle and see the beauty of the people of the forest... the Orangutans. We will all learn what we can do to better protect this incredible species and their home.

Director: Emily O'Connell
Duration: 5 mins
Date: 2016

Looking After Our Food

Screening Before: Honey, Rain & Dust

Tasmanian beekeepers Bob Davey and Hedley Hoskinson are serious about protecting precious, honey-producing, leatherwood rainforests which are essential to the island state’s unique food industry.

Director: Mark Pearce
Duration: 5 mins
Date: 2016

One Tree Hill

Screening Before: Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas

When a gumtree in the middle of an eight-lane road is threatened to be cut down, it becomes the rallying point for a community of unlikely activists.

Director: Elle Marsh
Duration: 13 mins
Date: 2017


Screening Before: I Stand: Guardians of the Water

Tropical Research and Conservation Centre (TRACC) is a scientific coral reef restoration project based on Pom Pom Island in Malaysian Borneo. Year round, a team of volunteer divers work under the instruction of Professor Steven Oakley to repair reefs that have been destroyed by illegal dynamite fishing.

Director: Nelli Huié
Duration: 11 mins
Date: 2016


Screening Before: Brasilia: Life After Design

When the world goes one way, go the other.

Director: Bessie Byrne & Otoxo Productions
Duration: 9 mins
Country: Australia/Spain
Language: Spanish with English subtitles.
Date: 2017

They Come Home

Screening Before: Voices From Chernobyl

An observational documentary that follows two pigeon breeders from Brooklyn, as they compete in an annual young bird show.

Director: Rowena Potts
Duration: 25 mins
Country: Australia/USA
Date: 2017

The Embodied Water of Milk

Screening Before: Food Coop

How much water is used to produce a tablespoon of milk? You can find more information on the topic of embodied water at the web site

Director: Mark Newbound
Duration: 2 mins
Date: 2017

Lullaby for Mother and Child

Screening Before: Donna Haraway: Storytelling for Earthly Survival

"There was once a mother and a child who lived far away..." And so begins the charming story of a rhino and her calf, who did everything together.

Director: Emma Lorie
Duration: 7 mins
Date: 2017