blacK ice

Russia | 2014 | Maarten Van Rouveroy | 53 minutes 

The Hobart screening of Black Ice will also be the opening of EFFA Hobart, presented by the the City of Hobart, ticket includes entry to the launch party. Black Ice screens with Defendant 5. Filmmaker of Defendant 5 Heidi Douglas is an EFFA 2015 Patron, and will attend both sessions.


A gripping story told on the high seas, Black Ice chronicles the events surrounding the Arctic 30, a band of Greenpeace activists determined to stop the highly controversial practice of oil drilling in the frigid waters of the Barents Sea. Staging an action that sees them run afoul of Putin’s Russia, the ship’s entire crew is detained on piracy charges.

What happens next is an inspiring example of how the international community can come together to protect the right to protest in the face of injustice. With unprecedented access to the crew, and riveting footage shot during the protest itself, Black Ice is a compelling film about the lengths a government will go to to protect its dirty industries, and the passionate agitators who will challenge them at every turn.