Volunteer hero: Meet Tess!

Every year our dedicated group of volunteers brings the Environmental Film Festival Australia to life. Meet our Education Officer, Tess Macrae. Tess is the brains behind our 2016 Education Program, which will showcase the films Revolution and Melbourne Down Under in Melbourne and Canberra this year.

When did you join the EFFA team?


What made you want to come on board with EFFA this year?

I volunteer with EFFA so that I can stay abreast of environmental issues and meet people who are passionate about these issues. The festival encourages people to expand their perspective of the world and our impact on it.

Which film/s have changed your perspective on the environment, and how?

Just Eat It. I watched it countless times last year and was immersed in it for months. The film proves that saving the environment isn't a distant concept that we can do nothing about - we can all make a difference, starting with reducing food waste.

What are you most excited about for this year's festival?

Broadening our demographic to include the wider community.

What was the last film you watched and loved, and what's on your to-watch list right now?

I loved The Dressmaker (is that too predictable?). I want to make time to watch What We do in the Shadows (I've actually already watched it but I can't wait to watch it again).

What do you do when you're not volunteering with EFFA?

My qualification is in economics. I am fascinated by the challenge of maintaining economic development without irreparably damaging the environment. I am passionate about animal rights and the related issue of reducing our impact on the environment. My 'happy places' are riding my bike around Melbourne or eating cake!

What has volunteering with EFFA taught you?

Patience! And to keep an open mind.