Years 3-10 Education Program Screening Tickets Released

We’re thrilled to announce the first release of tickets from EFFA’s 2016 program. This year’s Education Program at ACMI invites Years 3-10 students to watch environmental documentaries and start a conversation.

Our first film, Melbourne Down Under delves into the wonder of Victoria’s best-kept secret – Port Philip Bay. The southern shores rival tropical reefs in colour and diversity, few know that 82% of the marine life found here is found nowhere else in the world. Its home to over 1300 plants and animals including towering kelp forests, fish that fish for other fish, ocean giants and dragons that sparkle like jewels.

The film starts a conversation on how to protect and care for spectacular Port Philip Bay and how our actions on land can have an impact on marine environments. We invite students Years 3 to 6 to join us on this journey of underwater discovery.

And there’s Revolution, whose name bears its very purpose. The Canadian film is an empowering firsthand look into the most important issues facing humanity, the story of how we got here, the ecosystems we depend on for survival, and the dawn of a movement that’s rising to the challenge of saving our world. It emphasises the interconnectedness of all living things, and in turn peoples’ power to connect, uprise and create change across the globe.

What quickly becomes apparent is that the global conversation movement depends on the passion of young people, and that information changes everything. We invite Years 8 to 10 students to join us for this epic and uplifting adventure.

Learn more about our educational program and purchase tickets here.