EFFA 16 Programmer Highlights

Environmental Film Festival Australia 2016 has officially launched, and I’m so glad to introduce you to a few of my festival highlights from this year’s diverse and innovative program.

Featuring 18 feature films, 24 shorts, an inspiring education program and a range of exciting special events, EFFA 2016 shines a spotlight on the people and communities around the globe who really give a flick about creating positive and sustainable environmental change.

The inspiring Nélida Ayay Chilón of Daughter of the Lake certainly gives a flick. A farmer and now an environmental leader from Porcón in Cajamarca, Peru, Nélida and her neighbours fight hard for environmental justice in a land where mining companies have been working since 1992. Determined to prevent the destruction of the lake she considers to be her mother, Nélida’s story is one of courage and community, as the film explores how commercial, industrial, and ecological values are so deeply entwined with personal, spiritual and ethical connections to the natural environment. 

Pastor and community leader David Bouie from Crossett, Arkansas, gives a flick too. David’s journey to save his community from one of the USA’s largest commercial polluters is revealed in Company Town, a film that offers a rare look inside a hidden American town, where the company rules and the government’s negligence pushes them to stand up and fight for justice.

Closer to home, but further into our past, The Main Who Can't Stop showcases the work of Australian Francis Sutton, a man who gave a flick about environmental action at a time when little was being done to protect and conserve our county’s natural environment. Produced in 1973 this special archival screening will be shown in 16mm projection, and will also feature special guest of the festival, filmmaker Michael Rubbo, who will be joining audiences to discuss the making of the film and life of a remarkable environmental visionary.

And Glen Morris, the Akubra wearing farmer from Inverell, who rode his horse across the Sydney Harbour Bridge earlier this year in a bid to raise awareness of state and federal government legislation that could see an increase land clearing? He most definitely gives a flick. Featuring in the documentary short Restoring Earth, Glen is just one of a fascinating group of stories exploring the multifaceted connections between Australians and our diverse environments in our Australian Shorts package.But if you want to give more than just a flick yourself, this year’s program has you covered - as we take the action out of the cinema and onto your plate with a spectacular Sustainable Feast at Grub. The special event will see top chef Ben Mac, founder of The Social Food Project, leading guests on a gastronomic adventure that further explores issues from EFFA selected flicks Bugs on the Menu, Sustainable and Kubo's Crickets and will allow you to taste the future of sustainable dining! 

So whether you care about a world with zero bees, are keen to explore the sonic seas, or are interested in our local community's environmental deeds - I hope you'll give a flick too and join us at EFFA 2016!

- Shaun Larkin, EFFA Program Manager.