Digital Storytellers: Reground

This year, EFFA is more focused on impact than ever before. Through a partnership with Digital Storytellers, and with support from Bank Australia, we offered a select group of eight environmental organisations the opportunity to attend a free 2-day workshop on how to make their own digital content with an iPhone. We have been so proud to be able to play these eight short films on the big screen at ACMI before our feature films - and now publish them on our website. 

Reground is a sustainable waste education service. Reground redirects organic coffee waste away from landfill, redistributing it to gardens city-wide, reducing the carbon impact of coffee consumption. In the City of Melbourne alone, cafes produce around 156,000kg of coffee-ground waste every month, admitting almost 262 tonnes of toxic methane gas into the atmosphere. Ground coffee is an exceptionally nutrient rich material, making a powerful soil amendment and a highly sought after organic matter for community gardens, farmers, and home-gardeners alike. By collecting the used coffee grounds from cafés and roasteries, Reground provides an innovative and dynamic service, creating a positive impact on the environment and the community.