Let There Be Shorts

You Are Not The Strongest.jpg

This year at EFFA we have more short films than you can shake a boom mic at. 

There's our International Shorts package, which is so good we almost made it the opening night film. Then there's our selection of experimental shorts, from virtual reality to sensory environments. 

We're also very excited about our selection of Australian short films, because every feature film at EFFA this year will have an Australian short screening beforehand. Gotta catch 'em all? 

International Shorts

Change your perspective with our international shorts package on October 15 at 6pm. 

From the elderly cast adrift with the advancement of technological environments, to a cinematographic journey through climate change, and a quick animated sojourn that puts you behind the eyes of a hunted animal, this collection of exquisite shorts surveys a range of the most pressing environmental issues from across the globe.

Lost Winds.png

Experimental Shorts

The Sensory Environments package encourages unique ways of exploring and understanding space, employing film to navigate different environments.

Immersive abstractions invite reflection on the 'anthropocene' in Le Pays Devaste; and Ursula Le Guin narrates our passage through glaciers and lava fields, reflecting on these desolate landscapes and the new worlds they inspire in Proxima B. 

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Australian Shorts

Every feature film screening at EFFA this year is preluded by an Australian short. 

Take a look at our selection on the Australian shorts page, and pick a feature + shorts combo that appeals from our program. We guarantee this filmic combo pairs well with the classic choc top + wine version, too.