And the winners are...

EFFA People's Choice Awards

If you filled out a feedback card at the end of an EFFA screening this year, welcome to the EFFA-ocracy. 

That's right, we're running for parliament.

But seriously, we want to thank all of you for your tremendous handwritten feedback this year. This festival isn't possible without your support (truly—our entire festival is run by volunteers). We hope to continue to give you, our beloved audience, even more of what you want next year. And to the person who drew a dinosaur eating a carrot in the feedback box...we're working on it!

We've tallied up your votes, and are thrilled to announce the People's Choice Awards for EFFA 2017.

Connection to Country_Hero (1).jpg

Feature Film: Connection to Country

EFFA's Feature Film People's Choice Prize goes to Connection to Country, directed by Tyson Mowarin, a clear favourite at this year's festival. 

Powerful and poignant, Connection to Country explores the relationship that exists between Indigenous people and their land, and charts their battle to get their unique cultural heritage recognised, conserved and celebrated. Read Mick Daley's review on our news reel, Connection to Country gives us all reason to protect Indigenous land.

Honourable mentions go to opening night film Carnage and Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas

Looking After Our Food (1).png

Australian Shorts: Rangers Past and Present & Looking After Our Food

We couldn't pick a favourite Australian short, and you couldn't either.
This year we have two films sharing the Australian Shorts People's Choice Prize: Chris Fitzpatrick's Rangers Past and Present, and Mark Pearce's Looking After Our Food

Rangers Past and Present explores work as a ranger in the Australian outback, where your office is an endless expanse of rural land, where everyday you’ve got to protect local endangered species. 

While Looking After Our Food follows Tasmanian beekeepers Bob Davey and Hedley Hoskinson, who are serious about protecting the precious, honey-producing, leatherwood rainforests that are so essential to the island state’s unique food industry.


International Shorts: Commodity City & Cycologic

When it comes to international shorts, there's no such thing as 'too much of a good thing'. Over-consumption doesn't apply to thought-provoking, eco-conscious short films. 

And that's why the International Short People's Choice Prize also has two winners: Jessica Kingdon's USA/China production Commodity City, and Emilia Stålhammar's Sweden/Uganda production Cycologic

Commodity City is a fascinating glimpse into the daily life of the stallholders in the Chinese city of Yiwu, which is home to the largest market in the world. The shorts reveals how the economic and personal sides, the people and the goods, occasionally find themselves at odds with each other.

Cycologic follows one woman's fight for a cycling lane. When traveling the streets of Kampala you face chaos, queues, pollution, motorcyclists and cars attacking you from every angle. Politicians seems to have given up, but urban planner Amanda Ngabirano's will stop at nothing to have a cycling lane in her city.

Thank you!

Last but not least, the real winners: you. Thanks for being such champions and attending the Environmental Film Festival in 2017! We hope to see you again next year.
In the meantime, make sure you stay in touch on social media. So long, and thanks for all the sustainably caught fish.