A Word with Environmental SINGER-SoNGWRITER, WOY

We spoke to WOY – one of the talented local musicians who will provide tunes at our fundraiser on Friday 25 August – about how the environment influences their music and more.

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Kieran Chae Dickson formed their new project WOY after fanging around Australia in a Nissan Nivara in 2016. So it makes sense that the resulting tunes of 'irrelevant rock, jarring electronic, and sporadic moments' feel like something future generations will be listening to in a Mad Max-esque post-apocalyptic landscape.   

According to Kieran, "the 21st century socio-political landscape of Australia, and how it is reflected across the physical landscape is what mainly inspired Woy’s first album BBougainvillea."

"It is really great to be geographically positioned in the 'most liveable city in the world’ for like the 158th time running," Kieran jokes. That being said: "the bubble is real ... I do always find myself actively seeking out a more ‘wobbly' path for my own balance." 

"Woy was inspired by the wobble, the uncomfortable, the dry, the scared and the insecure."


The pre- and post-apocalyptic aren't just the subtext in Woy's music. The song View from Mars – part of Woy's 3:33 project, in which they release a 3 minutes and 33 second long song each month – is told from the perspective a man living in 3019, looking back on the 21st Century. 

View from Mars has a repeated line about Nature Deficit Disorder – a term coined by Richard Louv in his 2005 book Last Child in the Woods. The book (which Kieran says "you can probably find at one of those cheap book stores where poorly selling and outdated texts are") argues that the less time human beings spend outside, the more behavioural problems society will see. 

Kieran agrees that nature has a profound effect on societies and people. "There is a never ending flow between nature and creativity," they say.

It should go without saying that Woy is obviously a very good fit for an EFFA gig, but come and see for yourself this Friday, August 25.

Besides, Kieran says: "I love making music but I think I prefer performing it even more." You heard 'em.

By Melissa Wellham.

Image provided.