EFFA 2017 Program is Out!

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We're thrilled to announce the release of our 2017 Program, featuring over 30 inspiring films from the planet's most talented and environmentally conscious filmmakers.

2017 has been a unifying year. Across the world people have spoken out for environmental protection and the upholding of global climate change agreements. Communities are united and emboldened by the challenges we face, and are ever creative in the ways they express this on and off-screen.

Find a change in perspective with a global smorgasbord of feature films from over 14 countries (with each preluded by an Australian short), an International Shorts package, panel discussions, filmmaker Q&A's and a string of Special Events.

We're also extending our commitment to the community through programs beyond the cinema. From our Digital Storytellers Project supported by Bank Australia, to our Reel Impact Filmmakers Industry Day – we will strive to strengthen relationships between filmmakers, environmental organisations and audiences.

Join us this October at ACMI, the Planetarium and RMIT for an inspiring festival that strikes a poignant balance between motivating and alarming, challenging and inspiring, groundbreaking and all-too-real.

Chris Gerbing, Festival Director.