Community Storytellers: Our Climate, Our Health

EFFA’s Community Storytelling Project sees grassroots environmental groups create their own short films using smartphones, working with impact filmmaking agency Digital Storytellers to capture and share their stories. These short films screened alongside feature films throughout the festival in 2018.

EFFA’s Community Storytelling Project was made possible thanks to the generous support of Bank Australia - EFFA’s major partner for 2018.

Our Climate, Our Health was one of the participants in EFFA’s Community Storytelling Project in 2018:

This film is a call to action as part of the Our Climate, Our Health campaign. Coordinated by the Climate and Health Alliance, OCOH is a response to the growing evidence of the current and impending impacts of climate change on health. As a coalition of health professionals and health groups, we are deeply concerned about the lack of action on climate change and the negative impacts already being felt on the well-being of the Australian community. For Australia to meet its obligations under the Paris Agreement and to protect our right to health, the federal government must develop a National Strategy on Climate Health and Well-being for Australia.

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