Community Storytellers: The Student Voice Network

EFFA’s Community Storytelling Project sees grassroots environmental groups create their own short films using smartphones, working with impact filmmaking agency Digital Storytellers to capture and share their stories. These short films screened alongside feature films throughout the festival in 2018.

EFFA’s Community Storytelling Project was made possible thanks to the generous support of Bank Australia - EFFA’s major partner for 2018.

The Student Voice Network was one of the participants in EFFA’s Community Storytelling Project in 2018:

The Student Voice Network is a platform for students all across Australia who actively want to make a difference on the issues that are important to them. From the climate to the refugee crisis, whatever students are passionate about that is what we work on. We know that these issues impact us most because it’s our futures that are effected all the while remembering the question “if you really care about an issue, then why wait for someone else to solve it?”

Our video The Difference is aimed to inspire viewers to think more and look into what their purchases really impact. As we say in the film “We can choose to use something that gives not takes... in doing so we choose to make a difference.” In the film we target ethical and sustainable consumer choices with the hope to inspire a deeper level of thinking of our daily impacts. We hope you enjoy.