Community Storytellers: Wocle

EFFA’s Community Storytelling Project sees grassroots environmental groups create their own short films using smartphones, working with impact filmmaking agency Digital Storytellers to capture and share their stories. These short films screened alongside feature films throughout the festival in 2018.

EFFA’s Community Storytelling Project was made possible thanks to the generous support of Bank Australia - EFFA’s major partner for 2018.

Wocle was one of the participants in EFFA’s Community Storytelling Project in 2018:

Wocle is a female owned and operated bicycle service based in Melbourne. Wocle’s philosophy is to give women an exclusive platform to practice their bicycle mechanic and technical skills so they can thrive in the bicycle servicing sector. Wocle specialises in basic servicing and safety checks and is currently operating on a pop-up basis.

This film provides a snapshot to the humble beginnings of Wocle – a female owned and operated bicycle service start-up based in Melbourne. The film puts Wocle’s Founder, Beck Pope, front and centre as she shares her reasons for starting Wocle and how she would like to see Wocle grow.

If you would like to see Wocle grow and thrive, in particular, if you are a woman interested in bicycle mechanics; a business looking to start an innovative partnership; or a professional that could mentor Wocle to grow the business… Wocle wants to hear from you! Visit the website at or email Beck at