Meet the Makers in the EFFA Lounge

With just three days until the #EFFA18 opening night, it’s time to polish up your party shoes and book your tickets. Final tickets are selling now – don’t miss out!

In other news, we’re excited to connect you with the filmmakers behind short and feature films screening at this year’s festival, thanks to the brand new EFFA Lounge presented by Bank Australia.

Open this Saturday and Sunday on the ACMI cinema level, chill out in the Lounge and enjoy informal chats with our filmmakers! How did they get started? How many people worked on their production, and how did they finance it? What did they learn about the environmental issues they explored along the way? So many questions – and they’ll have the answers!

You can also find out more about the Bank Australia Conservation Reserve – 927 hectares of biodiverse Australian bushland which is now protected from development for generations to come, thanks to their work with Greening Australia and Trust for Nature. You can also hear more about this inspiring collaboration at our closing night screening of Bird of Prey.    

The EFFA Lounge will be right next to our VR station – so why not catch a short VR film showing diverse climate change stories from around the world first?

Read on for Meet the Makers in the EFFA Lounge times, as well as newly-announced panellists speaking throughout the festival, as we countdown to Thursday’s big opening, where you can take a selfie at the ‘green wall’, dance with DJ Pulp Free and enjoy delicious food and drink!

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Saturday 13 October

Sebastian Montemurro, Young Storyteller | 1.45 – 2.15pm

Why are award-winning secondary students Lucy Skelton and Sebastien Montemurro encouraging young consumers to make more ethical choices? Thanks to EFFA’s Community Storytelling Project, chat to Sebastian about his first short film, and what he hopes to achieve. Screening with The Milk System.

Lucy Skelton | 4:00 - 4:30 PM

Lucy Skelton from the the Student Voice Network took part in our Community Storytelling Project.

Rae Howell, Bee-Sharp Honeybee | 4.30 – 5pm

What happens when a composer collaborates with musicians, scientists, apiarists and animators to create a short film based on bee audio recordings? Ask Rae at the Australian premiere of this short film. Screening with The Milk System.

Roxanne Halley and Ash Jones, The Junkyard | 7.30 – 8pm

Meet the filmmaker and actor/writer and find out more about their short film – driven by space-junk orbiting the world, and the desire to do good. Screening with The Devil We Know and Welcome to Sodom.

Fiona Armstrong, Urban Coup | 7.30 - 8pm

Chat to Fiona about her work with Urban Coup – a group of Melbournians who share a vision of creating not just housing, but community – and her experience of first-time filmmaking with EFFA’s Community Storytelling Project. Screening with Welcome to Sodom.

Sunday 13 October

Simon Satur & Paul Roberts, Our Future Cities | 1.30 - 2pm 

Our Future Cities is a space to ask questions, challenge convention and wonder what a brighter urban future could be. Discuss what a sustainable urban future might look like with Simon and Paul. 

Eve Byers, Beeing Kept | 1.45 – 2.15pm

Can we create a lasting, sustainable symbiosis between humans and bees, which is critical to life as we know it? Ask Eve! Screening with As Worlds Divide.

Rani Brown, Courage for The Long Haul | 4.30 – 5pm  

How do you build community momentum to protect the environment – and the courage to take on global corporations? Find out with Rani, who campaigns beyond political affiliations. Screening with Dark Eden.

Greg Foyster  | 4:30 - 5:00 PM

Greg Foyster from Environment Victoria took part in our Community Storytelling Project.

Hillary Montague | Young Storyteller

Another of our Young Community Storytellers, find out how Hillary, an Honours Law Student, is campaigning for greater rights for the Great Barrier Reef, and how this inspired her short film. Screening with As Worlds Divide.   

Rob Henry, As Worlds Divide | 7.30 – 8pm

What prompted Rob to ‘escape the rat race’ of Melbourne and live with Indonesia’s Indigenous Mentawai community? What did he learn about the environment along the way? Chat with Rob, then watch his film and Q&A straight afterwards. You can also read our blog interview with Rob. Book As Worlds Divide.

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In addition to the fantastic lineup of environmental experts, writers, activists and filmmakers we announced last week, we’re thrilled to announce more!

Dr Ruth Soavanna, who features in The Panguna Syndrome, will join Luke Fletcher, Executive Director of Jubilee Australia, for a Q&A after the film, exploring the lasting environmental and cultural impacts of the Panguna mine and the Bougainville Crisis, and the impending referendum which could see the mine re-open.

Clare Sheppard and Hubert Algie will join toxicologist Paul Wright for a panel discussion on household chemicals, waste in our waterways and the legalities of protecting communities from pollution – all themes raised in The Devil We Know.

A chemical engineer/scientist by training, Clare is a member of Friends of Stony Creek, which campaigns to protect the Stony Creek area as a critical refuge for indigenous vegetation and wildlife. Hubert is a planning and environment lawyer who holds committee positions with the Law Institute of Victoria, and is a Committee Member of the Victorian Planning & Environmental Law Association (VPELA) Young Professional Group.