effa films by theme

With environmental issues now entering the public consciousness more than ever before, EFFA is proud to present its biggest and most diverse line-up of films to date.

From celebrating the wonder of the natural world, to championing those fighting against climate change, de-forestation and waste, take a look at our films by theme to help choose from the 44 films on offer at EFFA 2019!

If you want to be inspired by environmental heroes, see Maxima, Mossville and Into the Jungle. 

If you want to revel in the world’s natural beauty, see Queen Without Land and This Mountain Life. 

If you’re interested in women leaders, see City DreamersGrit and attend our Women with Impact panel.

If you’re interested in Indigenous perspectives, see Ma’ohi NuiTitixe and Nomad, or catch our Australasian Shorts.

If you want to witness environmental change-makers hard at work, see Time of the ForestsEncounters at the End of the World.

If you’re interested in filmmakers’ insider perspectives, catch our Industry Insider sessions - open to all!

If you’re after kids films about the environment, take them to Backyard Wilderness 3D, Kids’ Shorts and Youth Unstoppable.

If you like your films a little left of centre, see Swarm SeasonThe Hottest August, Extra-Terrestrial Ecologies and our Experimental Shorts.

If you want your environmental stories in bite-sized pieces, see our International Shorts, Australasian Shorts.