Bugs on the Menu

  • New Farm Six Cinemas 701 Brunswick Street New Farm, QLD, 4005 Australia


By 2050, it’s estimated that the world's population will exceed nine billion people. In the face of dwindling resources and the ravages of climate change on the global food industry, many of the world’s inhabitants face serious food instability. Despite the fact that interest in sustainable food alternatives is at an all time high, most people in the West continue to be reliant on traditional agricultural practices, hooked on a steady yet often unbalanced stream of chicken, beef and pork.

Presenting a visually lavish feast for foodies, but also consumers of food everywhere, Bugs on the Menu asks us to reconsider the dietary choices that many of us take for granted every day; presenting a prescient and informative study the health and environmental benefits of ingesting insects. While the concept of consuming creepy crawlies may seem strange and repulsive to some, this idea (technically known as entomophagy) provides a great source of protein and nutrients to over two billion people worldwide.

A positively charming documentary, director Ian Toews treks across the panoramic vistas of Zimbabwe, Mexico, and Cambodia to explore cultures in which entomophagy is already commonplace. Bugs on the Menu also presents a fascinating insight into a new generation of innovative start-up companies and entrepreneurs like Entomo Farms, the Shark Tank-winning Chapul, the all female-run insect-chip company Six Foods and esteemed celebrity cook The Bug Chef, who work to introduce a delectable myriad of insect-based dishes to Western cultures.

Hitting a joyous register, Bugs on the Menu effectively captures the infectious optimism of a movement who passionately believe that entomophagy may just be the key to solving global food issues. Featuring prize-winning entrepreneurs, scientists and bug-farmers, the film offers engaging insights into this new food revolution aiming to ameliorate some of the hunger in the world by placing mites squarely on the menu.

This session includes a panel discussion: Bugs and the future of food

Charlie Wayment - Youth Food Movement Brisbane

Charlie has been involved in advocating for a more sustainable food system for a number of years in a volunteer capacity. From 2010 to 2012 he cofounded and ran Real Food Canberra, a local not-for-profit that engaged young people in thinking about the environmental and social impacts behind their food choices.

More recently he has been a co-leader of the Brisbane chapter of the Youth Food Movement of Australia. YFM is a national volunteer-led organisation that aims to build the skills, knowledge and experience that young people have around food.

Patrick Sarta - Bugsy Bros

I started Bugsy Bros in early 2015 with the goal of promoting insects as a more sustainable source of protein. The idea came years before that when I watched a documentary about how sustainable insect proteins are, but at that time I don't think western culture is ready. Fast forward a few years and edible insects have grown so much in the US and Europe, and as usual Australia is lagging behind. I hope to bring insects as a mainstream food item.