Quick Flicks: EFFA on Wheels

  • Meeting point: Rond Terrace Car Park Parkes Way Parkes, ACT, 2600 Australia


This screening of the best short films from across EFFA 2016 is a unique and special event. Audience members will need to have a BICYCLE, HELMET AND LIGHTS for this event, as the screenings will take place in surprise locations around Lake Burley Griffin accessed by bicycle. 

The meeting point will be at the Rond Terrace Car Park (accessed via the western-bound lane on Parkes Way). From here the group will travel in convoy to various locations, and enjoy screenings of environmental short films courtesy of the very cool Projector Bike. 

Limited tickets available. 

Restoring Earth

Dir. Danielle Ryan & James Sherwood  | Australia | 2015 | 23mins

From paddock to plate, more and more consumers are looking to know where their food comes from, and will be surprised to know that Australia ranks third among developed nations for land clearing globally. Restoring Earth aims to bridge the gap on one of Australia’s most heated environmental conflicts – and to show how farming within healthy native ecosystems is possible.


Dir. Rafael Altamira | Mexico | 2015 | 8mins

A man survives in a barren and contaminated earth. As he runs low on food and water he must make a choice to continue on surviving, or sacrifice himself for the greater good of the planet.

The Great Forest

Dir. Marli Lopez-Hope | Australia | 2015 | 13mins

An ancient Victorian forest invites us into her rapidly changing world, where rare life is discovered and inevitable death unfolds. Guided by the ancient words of local indigenous language, The Great Forest comes to life through Senior Aboriginal Wurundjeri elder, Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin.

The Limestone Conflict

Dir. Petter Ringbom | Sweden | 2016 | 9mins

The fight over limestone mining in the ancient Ojnare forest of Gotland, the largest island in Sweden, has become a highly charged, local manifestation of a conflict you find all over the world, a conflict pinning industry and jobs against the environment. In “The Limestone Conflict,” we meet three representatives from different sides of the issue that has divided the island.

Their Land

Dir. Simon Bischoff | Australia | 2016 | 5mins

An aerial odyssey through some of the worlds most vast and wild landscapes, Their Land plays tribute to the original inhabitants of Tasmania, highlighting the states epic natural beauty in the hope that people will be inspired to conserve it for future generations.


Dir. Kevin McCrae & Jonny Harris | Scotland | 2016 | 3mins

Rewild: to restore an area of land to its natural uncultivated state (used especially with reference to the reintroduction of species of wild animal that have been driven out or exterminated). From a 3-day journey into the Scottish Highlands come Wildless - a short experimental film integrating 3D animation and visual effects into specially filmed environmental footage, resulting in stunning and intriguing visual responses to our natural environment.