Each year, EFFA’s Community Storytelling Project sees grassroots environmental groups create their own short films, working with impact filmmaking agency Digital Storytellers to capture and share their stories.

With just two days of intensive training, the environmental groups create cinema-quality short films which are screened during EFFA, providing exposure to highly-relevant audiences which the participating groups wouldn’t otherwise have the means or resources to reach.

The Community Storytelling Project is made possible with the generous support of EFFA’s major partner Bank Australia.

‘We’re very proud to be a major partner for EFFA. At Bank Australia we believe we have a responsibility to protect our planet. We’re proud to support a festival that brings critical issues about the state of our environment to the fore, and to help environmental organisations, who are doing vital work for our planet, share their message through the Community Storytelling Project.’

Damien Walsh, Bank Australia Managing Director

Image: EFFA Community Storytelling Project Participants

Image: EFFA Community Storytelling Project Participants

Read on to find out more about the 2019 Community Storytelling Project participants.

These participants' short films will screen alongside feature films at EFFA 2019. Stay tuned for more.

2019 Community Storytelling Participants:


3000 ACRES

3000acres is a Melbourne-based not-for-profit on a mission to help more people grow more food in more places. 3000acres works with councils, statutory bodies and communities to expand urban agriculture and build healthier, more resilient communities through food.

Australian Parents for Climate Action

Australian Parents for Climate Action (or AP4CA) is the voice for all parents, grandparents and carers of children in the climate emergency. Together, they are advocating for emergency-scale action from all levels of government and business to safeguard our kids’ futures.



The Australian Pollinator Alliance promotes the health of bees and all pollinators by delivering honeybee education for children and adults. By supporting backyard beekeepers, the Pollinator Alliance raises awareness about how bees are under threat and how important bees are in our food supply.


The Community Grocer

With a vision of a just food system that ensures fruit and vegetables are socially and economically accessible to everyone, The Community Grocer provides weekly affordable fresh food markets to support healthy connected communities.

The Compost Depot.jpg

The Compost Depot

The Compost Depot aims to reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill by diverting it to compost. The organisation is currently expanding and trialling different methods of composting, and runs workshops to educate the community about different food waste options.

Roving Refills

Roving Refills provides mobile detergents – just BYO bottle! Roving Refills is run by two sisters with one truck – helping reduce waste by refilling containers with detergents, cleaning agents, shampoo and more. No more single use bottles! 

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