1.00pm – 3.30pm | Sunday 27 October | Palace Westgarth Cinema

Be inspired by young filmmaker and environmental activist Slater Jewell-Kemker, as she follows the stories of youth activists from around the world in her debut documentary, Youth Unstoppable.

Then have your say at the EFFA Youth Forum, sharing your ideas about our future and the changes you’d like to make and be part of.

This session is open to students of secondary school age, and will be delivered by and for young people.

Students $14 + booking fee (Secondary School Students only)


Slater Jewell-Kemker | Canada | 2018 | 91 mins

At just 15 years-of-age, filmmaker Slater Jewell-Kemker began attending environmental summits, camera in hand and ready to make a difference.

Just 10 years later, she’s presenting on international climate panels with Greta Thunberg, and encouraging young people around the world to share their stories and campaign for action.

Slater takes us behind the scene of the global youth movement filmed over the course of a decade, sharing the highs and lows of climate activism, and highlighting the inspiring voices and fierce determination of those who are too young to vote, but whose futures are being shaped by decisions made by those in power today.

Youth Unstoppable reinforces that it’s not too late to save our planet, but that we must all act together, and push for bold decisions from those in power, regardless of political interests.


Youth Unstoppable presents a hopeful vision for the future of our planet, and shares insights from the inspiring young people who will lead us there – like you!

EFFA invites you to join the Youth Forum discussion following this film, which will be led with the Darebin Youth Jury.

Youth Forum Host - Melissa Yoon, Young Climate Leader

Melissa Yoon image.JPG

This session will be introduced and hosted by Melissa Yoon. Melissa is a young climate leader and is the inaugural awardee of the Adam Majcher Legacy Program. This program, run by ClimateWorks, the Climate Reality Project and Common Cause, recognises her passion and strong commitment for connecting with people to work on climate solutions. Melissa has previously volunteered with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, coordinating a climate education program for high school students. Melissa has interned with the Australian Energy Foundation (formerly known as Moreland Energy Foundation) on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. She is also a Master of Environment student at the University of Melbourne.


Lucy Skelton - Founder, Student Voice Network

Lucy Skelton is a 17 year old, high school student from Melbourne, Victoria. Lucy is best known for her work founding the Student Voice Network. She is passionate about sustainability, education and creating a better world for all. 


Sebastien Montemurro - Student, John Monash Science School

A student of physics, Sebastian has always been fascinated by the world around us; its variance and chaotic harmony always seeming to captivate him. As a result, he has always believed that it is important to protect and conserve the natural world and to aid its rehabilitation where it has seen significant loss. However, with action will come change and with the world facing significant courses of change in the future, he is excited to see where that will take humanity and where his part in it may lie.


Alice Caldwell – Organiser, School Strike 4 Climate

Alice is a Year 11 student and organiser of the School Strike 4 Climate movement in Melbourne. She is passionate about fighting for climate justice and a better national policy surrounding climate, and plans to stand up for this until firm action is taken as she sees this as the defining issue of her generation.

This film will screen with a short film made by Roving Refills thanks to EFFA's Community Storytelling Project, made possible with the support of Bank Australia.

This special EFFA Youth session is made possible with the support of City of Darebin.

Thanks to all EFFA 2019 partners for their generous supporting in making this year’s festival possible, including major partner, Bank Australia, government partner, City of Darebin, and supporting partner Monash University.