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“Duplicating many of Chatwin’s most notable journeys, Herzog evokes the late English wanderer’s restless soul and curious fascination with profound issues that have long captivated the director.” – Variety

2.15pm | Sunday 27 October | Cinema Nova

Werner Herzog | UK | 2019 | 89 mins

Hovering between a love letter and celebration of the nomadic lifestyle, this latest documentary from prolific and revered filmmaker Werner Herzog doubles as a personal exploration of the junction between the spiritual and the natural, and a warming tribute to a friend.

Gifted with the rucksack of wandering adventurer and writer Bruce Chatwin upon his passing in 1989, Nomad follows Herzog as he sets upon his own nomadic journey, carried out in Chatwin’s spirit.

Traversing the caves of Patagonia, the serene countryside of Wales and the ethereal Australian outback, Herzog leads us through a diverse collection of spaces through which the significance of tradition, storytelling and the enigmatic connection humans share with landscapes intersect.

Sharing captivating voices, this is a revealing, sprawling work, woven together by Herzog’s glowing affection for a man he considered to be a kindred spirit, and the director’s typically impassioned, inimitable style.

This film will screen with a short film made by Australian Pollinators Alliance thanks to EFFA's Community Storytelling Project, made possible with the support of Bank Australia.

This session screens-to-back with Encounters at the End of the World, as part of a special 'Herzog Then and Now' retrospective. Join us for one or both films.

Each session: $15 + booking fee.


Dr Tyson Wils.jpeg

Dr Tyson Wils - RMIT University

This screening will be introduced by Dr Tyson Wils, RMIT. Dr Tyson Wils completed a PhD in Cinema Studies in 2014. His thesis was on depictions of the natural world in the films of Werner Herzog. He is co-editor of the book Activist Film Festivals: Towards a Political Subject and has worked as a film programmer at the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival. He has published on a wide range of topics, including film auteurism, media convergence and storytelling, and stardom. He has also worked as a media and film lecturer at local and international universities, and as a senior researcher at the Parliamentary Library in Canberra. He is currently a senior policy officer at the Australian Communication and Media Authority.

Thanks to all EFFA 2019 partners for their generous supporting in making this year’s festival possible, including major partner, Bank Australia, government partner, City of Darebin, and supporting partner Monash University.