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Sensory Environments

  • ACMI Federation Square, Flinders St Melbourne Australia (map)
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The Sensory Environments package (67 mins) encourages unique ways of exploring and understanding space, employing film to navigate different environments.

Le Pays Devaste (2015)

The Anthropocene marks the age of the human. Immersive abstractions invite reflection on our dominant influence over our environs.
Director: Emmanuel Lefrant
Duration: 12 mins
Country: France 

Lost Winds (2017)

A kaleidoscopic botanicollage, from director Caryn Cline.
Duration: 3 mins
Country: USA 

Kaltes Tal (2016)

Lime dust ghosts the landscape in this ambivalent exploration of mining and land restoration processes.
Director: Johannes Krell & Florian Fischer
Duration: 12 mins
Country: Germany 

Heaven (2016)

A lyrical yet primal rumination on decay and decomposition. 
Director: Isamu Hirabayashi
Duration: 13 mins
Country: Japan 

Turtles are Always Home (2017)

Ghost towns built on hollow dreams. A meditation on architecture, design, capitalism and image-making.
Director: Rawane Nassif
Duration: 12 mins
Country: Canada/Lebanon

Proxima B (2017)

Ursula Le Guin narrates our passage through glaciers and lava fields, reflecting on these desolate landscapes and the new worlds they inspire.
Director: Giulia Grossman
Duration: 15 mins
Country: France

Strobe lighting effects and other visual light stimulation effects are used in this package.

Earlier Event: October 14
Later Event: October 15
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