Company Town

  • ACMI CINEMAS Federation Square, Flinders Street Melbourne Australia

Dir. Natalie Kottke & Erica Sardarian | USA | 2016 | 90mins | Australian Premiere

Georgia-Pacific, a lumber and paper company located in Crossett, Arkansas is one of the worst polluters on the planet. Company Town follows Pastor, Deputy Sheriff and community leader David Bouie - a resident of Crossett who attempts to fight back against the toothless government agencies and the company shockingly more interested in trying to profit from it’s people’s illnesses than enact meaningful change. Providing heart-rending insight into the struggles of the community’s most disenfranchised members, this is a rousing David and Goliath story about community resilience that is brimming with spirit and compassion. Told in an engrossing investigative style that recalls Erin Brockovich, Company Town shines a light on the real-life horrors perpetrated by Georgia-Pacific.

[Company Town] touched something in me, something about navigating a life of injustice with determination, and, against all odds, without assumed privilege.
— Lisa Adams, The Huffington Post
A film like this could literally save lives.
— Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, Sundance TV
[Company Town] is going to get a lot of attention. I think this is another really serious injustice. It’s really inspiring to see members of the town go out and get answers. It’s a documentary that is riveting and that will make you angry.
— Roya Rastegar, Head of Programming, Los Angeles Film Festival