SEED: The Untold Story (Closing Night)

  • ACMI Federation Square, Flinders Street Melbourne Australia

Dir. Jon Betz, Taggart Siegel | USA | 2016 | 94mins | Australian Premiere

We are currently experiencing a seed crisis of colossal proportions. In a capitalistic bid to turn seeds into commodities, global bio-technological corporations hybridise and patent seeds, compromising their genetic variance and undercutting food diversity. In the face of this, SEED: The Untold Story stands resolute; an uplifting piece of cinema that celebrates the dedicated seed-guardians, independent farmers, community seed-bank organizers, activists and academics alike that have taken on the responsibility of ensuring as many seeds as possible are protected from extinction.

SEED joyously mixes portraits of these quirky characters with fascinating interviews and sequences of splendidly inventive animation throughout. Directors Betz and Siegel paint a colourful and compelling picture of the current state of the seed industry.

The film shines when it highlights the ancient farming practices of peoples like the Ojibwe and Hopi, when it explores the care and cosmology of what it means to be a steward of seeds. It shines when it looks at the environmental justice issues stemming from the production of genetically modified food.
— Sydney Brownstone, The Stranger

Winner: Grand Jury Prize – Nashville Film Festival 2016

Winner: Environmental Award – Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016

Winner: Best in Fest - Princeton Film Festival 2016

Special Event

Panel: Seed and food diversity in Australia

Katie Finlay

Mount Alexander Fruit Gardens

Neville Walsh

Royal Botanic Gardens

Join the EFFA Team in the ACMI Cafe + Bar after the film and panel discussion to celebrate the conclusion of EFFA 2016 in Melbourne.