Letter from the Festival Co-Directors

After a stellar EFFM 2013 that saw the festival reach new heights, we are thrilled to be back for our fifth year. It’s been a great pleasure to see the festival grow from humble beginnings into such a prominent event in Melbourne’s cultural calendar.

In 2014, the future of our environment has never been more at risk. Climate change is causing more and more extreme weather events, unchecked industrial development is threatening our country's most special places and our precious fauna and flora is continuing to show the strain.

But there is hope. EFFM and other like-minded organisations are challenging the way people think about the natural world. The stories, discussions and debate we elicit are inspiring people to create change and, more than ever, people are ready to act. By bringing powerful and inspiring films to audiences in Melbourne and beyond, EFFM aims to help them on that journey.

Livia Cullen, Festival Co-Director
Chris Gerbing, Festival Co-Director