We Are Back!

Environmental Film Festival is back! From the 3rd of September to the 21st, we will be showing 22 feature films and 28 short films in three cities in Australia. Yes, after treating Melbourne's film connoisseurs ' and enviro peops' peculiar taste every autumn for five years, we are ready to branch out! Starting from Canberra and Hobart.

The full program of the festival was just launched yesterday. We are awfully proud to present you a collection of films packed with hard facts from hot docos like The True Cost and Banking Nature; inspiring stories from Paraguay, Denmark and many other corners around the world; fascinating shots of the nature from unique angles; and some curious tales that are just purely bizarre. We are well equipped to alert you, astonish you and mesmerize you.


We will be sharing more details about the festival and the films before and throughout the festival.

Stay tuned!