Why We Chose: Programmer Sophie on Just Eat It

After I saw this documentary during our programming screenings, I couldn’t stop myself talking about it to anyone I was around. I’d just learned that through the food cycle — from farm to stomach — almost half of all foods produced were thrown away.

 I had dinner at my aunty’s house that evening and her response to my conversation startled me. She told me that she hadn’t put her bins out all year; it was June and she’d only produced half a bin of rubbish, and half a bin of recycling. I was shocked — here I was trying to stuff rubbish into the overflowing bin each week, or running across the road to squish an extra a bag of trash into a neighbours almost-full bin. I’d been hesitantly conscious that I needed to change this amount of waste for some time, but only shaken into action by this thought provoking, beautifully shot and skilfully crafted documentary.

 Through food lovers and documentary makers, Jen Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin’s personal challenge — to live off nothing but rescued food or ‘waste’ for six months — Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story dispelled many of my former attitudes to food and food-related waste; I determine whether the yoghurt has gone off myself, rather than trusting the best before date; I choose the slightly bruised bananas or the misshapen pumpkin; and I make an effort to buy in-season.

 It’s a sobering documentary that looks at food waste from an individual, retail and farming perspective.