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Tickets to Carnage include access to EFFA Opening Night celebrations food, drink and entertainment.

Dir. Simon Amstell | UK | 2017 | 68mins

Part star-studded mockumentary, part quirky sci-fi and completely brilliant, Carnage is set in a future Britain of 2067, in which the entire population practices veganism.

In an unexpected turn, human society has evolved to a point where compassion and non-violence is normalised and eating, wearing or exploiting animals is considered completely abhorrent. Even older generations, while still complicit, attend support groups and are still working through the shame and guilt of their carnivorous pasts. Combining a range of absurd archival footage and originally filmed set pieces, Carnage intelligently presents a slyly satirical and vastly entertaining look back over the 150 year journey of how this improbably vegan utopia came to pass.

Directed by Simon Amstell (Never Mind the Buzzcocks), this sidesplitting new comedy is simply a must-see; not only a total riot but also an intelligent provocation that will provide food for thought for even the most ardent carnivores.


The opening night is presented by LUSH.