Join us at Loop Bar for on an immersive sensory journey into the natural world. From giant creatures encased in icebergs to a hypnotising symphony to the grassy slopes of Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat, this visual and aural experimentation will have you see nature through a new lens.



Scotland | 2014 | Demelza Kooij and Lars Koens | 7 minutes
A textural and hypnotising symphony to the grassy slopes of Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat.


USA | 2014 | Noah Shulman | 6 minutes
Shot in stunning 4K resolution, using macro and micro lenses, Confluence captures the often imperceptible state of flux that defines our environments.


USA | 2014 | Paweł Wojtasik, Toby Lee and Ernst Karel | 23 minutes
Filmed in a materials recovery facility by members of Harvard’s Sensory Ethnography Lab, Single Stream is a visual and sonic exploration of our culture’s excess.


France | 2014 | Momoko Seto | 12 minutes
Giant creatures encased in icebergs emerge from their frozen sarcophagi after a submarine explosion sparks a global warming. From this static world emerges life. An uncanny sensory work previously screened at Berlinale 2015.


Australia  | Edie Stevens | 11 minutes
Replete with a hauntingly beautiful soundscape, this film from Melbourne-based visual media artist Edie Stevens was filmed from the back of a train in her native New Zealand. Eves — Lan’s Line is an  enchanting, hypnotic ode to the landscapes of Edie’s youth.