Seven environmental short films
94 mins

Invisible Ocean

Environmental artist Mara Haseltine uses her stunning glass sculptures to shine light on the disappearing plankton in our oceans. MORE.

Ngurra Wanggagu

As the children of the Ngarluma country travel across her they hear her whisper to them in the wind, feel her caress on the soles of their feet and her nourishment in the fish they catch. MORE.

Once Upon a Tree

A prodigiously sage young girl and tree aficionado, clings to the hope that her special tree will survive as she reflects on the destruction of the beautiful forest around her. MORE.

Premiere Automne

This beautiful and touching animation explores nature’s balance between life and death through the meeting of two seasons. MORE.


A love song to evolution, uniqueness, life and the little creatures underfoot — this compelling animation tells the astonishing true story of the stick insects from Lord Howe Island. MORE.


Unravel follows the Western world’s least wanted clothes, on a journey across Northern India, to Panipat, a sleepy town and the only place in the world that wants them, to recycle them back into yarn. MORE.

White Earth

A winter portrait of North Dakota's oil boom seen through the eyes of three children and an immigrant mother whose lives are intertwined. MORE.