Directed by Stefano Sardo
ITALY, 2013
73 mins (with subtitles)

Almost thirty years ago, the announcement that McDonald’s was setting up shop in the heart of Rome, provoked large numbers of angry demonstrators. But one charismatic Italian chose a different approach — he set about creating an alternative.

Meet the ebullient Carlo Petrini, founder of ‘slow food’ — an international anti-fast food resistance movement, that aims to simultaneously preserve local traditions, agricultural diversity and the pleasure principle.

In this charming biopic, we celebrate the growth of the slow food movement, from the tiny town of Bra into a revolution, that now has roots in more than 150 countries. Alongside cheese-makers, vintners, and artisanal food folk, we toast Petrini for bringing about a change in consciousness that shook the very foundations of gastronomy.

"Why should an Eskimo eat the same food as an Ethiopian? What will happen to the neighborhood trattoria? Food is as important as language, why destroy our heritage?" - Carlo Petrini"