Bugs on the Menu

  • Palace Verona 17 Oxford Street Paddington, NSW, 2021 Australia

Dir. Ian Toews | Canada | 2016 | 78mins

Most people in the West continue to be reliant on traditional agricultural practices, hooked on a steady stream of chicken, beef and pork. Bugs on the Menu asks us to reconsider the dietary choices many of us take for granted every day by presenting a prescient and informative study of the health and environmental benefits of eating insects. A charming documentary, director Ian Toews treks the globe to explore cultures in which entomophagy is commonplace.

Bugs on the Menu also presents a fascinating insight into a new generation of innovative start-up companies who work to introduce a delectable myriad of insect-based dishes to Western cultures. Hitting a joyous register, Bugs on the Menu effectively captures the infectious optimism of those who believe that entomophagy may just be the key to solving our global food issues.


This screening includes a special culinary surprise (for those who are willing!)

It also includes a panel discussion. Panelists announced soon.