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A vibrant and diverse collection of local shorts highlighting the multifaceted nature of the Australian environment. From exploring the link between native vegetation, healthy food and land clearing, to the power of citizen science in the hunt for an undiscovered species of spider - this collection of shorts will take you from Victoria’s Toolangi State Forest across to Wangkatja country in WA, with a range of quintessential Australian stories in between.

The Great Forest

Dir. Marli Lopez-Hope | Australia | 2015 | 13mins

An ancient Victorian forest invites us into her rapidly changing world, where rare life is discovered and inevitable death unfolds. Guided by the ancient words of local indigenous language, The Great Forest comes to life through Senior Aboriginal Wurundjeri elder, Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin.

Restoring Earth

Dir. Danielle Ryan & James Sherwood  | Australia | 2015 | 23mins  

From paddock to plate, more and more consumers are looking to know where their food comes from, and will be surprised to know that Australia ranks third among developed nations for land clearing globally. Restoring Earth aims to bridge the gap on one of Australia’s most heated environmental  conflicts – and to show how farming within healthy native ecosystems is possible.

Under Skin In Blood

Dir. Larissa Behrendt | Australia | 2015 |  5mins

Inspired by real events experienced by Aboriginal workers in the 1970s at the Baryulgil asbestos mine, a woman recalls happier times before her life was ruined by an unseen danger.

Walking for Country

Dir. Reza Nezamdoust | Australia | 2016 | 19mins

Join the Walkatjurra Walkabout – a celebration of Wangkatja country and a testament to the strength of the community who have fought to stop uranium mining at Yeelirrie, Western Australia for over forty years – as participants reconnect with the land, share in their commitment to a sustainable, nuclear-free future, and revive the tradition of walking for country with the Indigenous elders of the region.


Dir. Simon Cunich | Australia | 2015 | 30mins  

When a Canberra garbage collector photographs an alien-like spider it triggers a series of life-changing events that make scientific history. A stranger-than-fiction story about citizen science, discovery and nature's hidden treasures.

Their Land

Dir. Simon Bischoff | Australia | 2016 | 5mins

An aerial odyssey through some of the world’s most vast and wild landscapes, Their Land plays tribute to the original inhabitants of Tasmania, highlighting the state’s epic natural beauty in the hope that people will be inspired to conserve it for future generations.

Bobby Brown Homelands

Dir. Kim Mavromatis & Quenten Agius | Australia | 2014 | 5mins

In the 1950’s and 1960’s the Australian government authorised British Nuclear testing at Emu Field and Maralinga in Outback South Australia. Journey with Antikirrinya Elder, Ingkama Bobby Brown to his homelands in the region, as he explains the legacy of living with the devastating testing.



Dir. Rodd Rathjen | Australia | 2015 | 11min

An Australian farmer (played by Colin Friels) tries to keep up with his younger and more technologically advanced neighbour, in this superbly shot new film by Australian film maker Rodd Rathjen.

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