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Set in the not-too-distant future, the near-extinction of bees has left society on the brink of implosion. With scarcely a hive in sight, N, the director of a honey manufacturing plant must now peddle a purely artificial product. One day, N tastes real honey for the first time and his life is irrevocably altered. With a newfound apian affixation, N and his partner L embark on a bizarre quest - attacking everything that might endanger their beloved bees.

Formally inventive, Zero is an endearing homage to a range of diverse cinematic styles; infusing elements of silent-cinema, melodrama, hard-bodied action tropes and even African ethnographic road film. Like nothing you have seen before or are likely to see again, Zero offers a weird and whimsical take on our society of consumption, ecological utopias and inevitable natural disasters.

The narrative has both a low-fi, almost Michel Gondryesque approach to flights of fancy and a constant dreamlike quality from the start… A low-budget angry environmental pamphlet and a genre parody rolled into one, the film is undeniably the work of a director sticking his neck out.
— Boyd van Hoeii, The Hollywood Reporter
Gyula Nemes has managed to make climate change seem at once urgent and sexy without being too pedagogical about it.
— Colette de Castro, East European Film Bulletin
October 22
Sonic Sea