The man from coxs river

Australia | 2014 | Russell Kilbey | 94 minutes


Not far from Sydney, deep in the wild country of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, a new Australian legend is being born. A wiley mob of brumbies inhabit the forbidden Burragorang valley catchment area around Sydney’s precious water supply and must be controlled.  

Classed as feral pests, National Parks head office needs to remove the animals without a public outcry. Luke Carlon, from the pioneering Carlon family of the Burragorang Valley, a fifth-generation land-owner and horseman, has been given the task to capture as many of the brumbies as possible and remove them safely from the park.

Can a mission to save a mob of  brumbies in an inaccessible wilderness make a fiercely independent horseman and a determined National Parks Ranger see the world through each other's eyes?