EFFA is a not-for-profit festival (DGR charity) run by a dedicated and passionate team of volunteers. Our team brings together a wide variety of experience to curate the best environmental films from around the globe, in a creative and dynamic environment. 


Director: Chris Gerbing
Programming Manager: Shaun Larkin
Engagement Manager: Nick Melin
Operations Manager: Reta LeQuesne
NSW State Festival Manager: Mani Selverajoo
ACT State Festival Manager: Andrea Garcia

Programming Team
Hieu Chau, Bek Spies, Cassandra Meehan, Natalie May, Jamieson Pearce, Nathan Senn, Brendan McDonagh, Bessie Byrne

Business Development team
Monica Diaz, Bhavana Gannapuram, Naren Bangunde

Engagement team
Sinead Boylan, Liz Bacchetti, Claudia de Pieri, Ashika Chaudhari, Janina Stansson, Sophie Lloyd

Operations team
Tessa Richardson, Iliana Keskeredis, Bree Williams, Tiana Stefanic

Education team
Tess Macrae