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EFFA is a not-for-profit festival (DGR charity) run by a dedicated and passionate team of volunteers. Our team brings together a wide variety of experience to curate the best environmental films from around the globe, in a creative and dynamic environment. 


Director: Chris Gerbing

Programming Manager: Nathan Senn

Programming Team: Bek Spies, Jamieson Pearce, Eliza Cox, Mark Newbound, Bridie Dawson, Andrew Perkin, Suzanne Steinbruckner

Impact Manager: Alex Stott

Impact Team: Kim Ingles, Brendan McDonagh, Sophie Moore

Film Industry Liaison: Bessie Byrne

Web & Content: Holly Bodeker-Smith, Melissa Wellham

Social Media: Echo Chen

Media/PR: Jack Fryer, Siobhan McKenna

In-house Designer: Vanessa Reynolds

Education Team: Isabella Kottek, Tess Macrae

Operations: Melissa Au

Volunteer Coordinator: Sophie Labaste

Fundraising: Karen Chibert

Sydney Manager: Mani Selvarajoo

Sydney Team: Louisa Scott, Francisco Medina, Bridie Dawson

Design agency: Pandarosa