We have a number great opportunities for passionate and environmentally conscious people to join the EFFA team in 2017. Build your skills and get hands on experience in our 100% volunteer team.

All positions involve between 4-8 hours per week, plus attendance at regular EFFA get-togethers. Hours will increase during peak periods.

To apply, send us a short letter describing your interest in being part of EFFA, which position and a CV describing your past experiences. Then, we will be in touch!

Please send applications to: info@effa.org.au

Marketing AND PR

Nothing beats the excitement of seeing EFFA’s name sprawled across newspapers, magazines and online! We are looking for passionate media / PR go-getters to join our team. This position will support the promotion of the 2017 Festival and work towards increasing the festival’s public profile and exposure. Get hands on experience across a range of areas (events, advertising, media relations), work with high profile partners, filmmakers and festival patrons.

Finance and Business Support

Money doesn’t grow on trees...so we are looking for someone to help us keep the books nice and tidy, support our business development goals, and keep EFFA on the right track. In this role you will work closely with the Festival Director to manage and plan the festival budget, manage day-to-day expenses, provide financial reports to partners and the team and watch over other administrative tasks. Some experience in financial management is required, along with an interest in gaining experience in working for a non-profit organisation.


EFFA is focussed on providing maximum value to our festival going audience. To achieve this we create inspiring and informative events that take from our film’s themes and discuss these in a local context. From special events/parties, panel discussions, guest speakers and more, EFFA events can really make a difference. We are looking for someone to join our team and support our operations. You should have an interest in running events that make a difference. Tasks include logistical planning and strategies, research and event management.